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Technology. Innovation. Technology. Innovation.

“Media outlets can no longer afford to be islands, content sharing and effective distribution is the only way to survive.” Companies can’t afford to just hold onto their own content anymore. The surge in web popularity and decrease in print revenues indicate a need for content makers to share media through multiple trusted channels to […]

Niche Video Platforms Niche Video Platforms

Click On Media’s web TV platforms offer users an incredible experience. The User experience comes first and we only allow videos that are in 1080i or 720p meaning this really is TV on the web. Unlike other video sharing platforms, we curate our content so you’re guaranteed to be watching content that is a) high […]

Unique Audiences Unique Audiences

Click On Media provides one-stop websites for niche industries that are a mix of free-to-view and subscription based channels – with users watching whatever, whenever and wherever they want to. People in every walk of life want access to great quality content that will either entertain or inform them. We aggregate the best content from […]

Metric Data Metric Data

Users struggle to find the high quality content they now want to view through other video sites which are too large and encompassing. Our sites are unique to relevant industries with unique audiences. Video is all HD, regulated and only approved channel partners contribute content with the ability to receive invaluable metric data on their […]

Video Production and Distribution Video Production and Distribution

We’ve created an effective system for brands to build marketing campaigns for a fraction of the cost. We offer brands a unique opportunity to create quality video content and distribute it to thousands of people from all corners of the globe. It’s difficult to justify massive production and marketing costs as a small-medium sized company […]

Video. Simplified. Video. Simplified.

We’ve cracked the code when it comes to brands targeting audiences and audiences engaging in relevant content. Content Provides use us as a preferred video partner through our unparalleled service aimed at providing them all the information they require to produce videos that generate the most impact, reach the right people, boost engagement and create […]


Bloomberg – Why data and analytics are important? – its at the forefront of everything we do…

Big data and how its used and analysed is more important than ever – Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt and Civis Analytics Chief Executive Officer Dan Wagner discuss the way big data can change everything from corporate strategy to the way people vote. They speak with Trish Regan at Bloomberg’s The Year Ahead: 2014 conference […]

It’s Getting Harder to Make Money on YouTube

As video continues its meteoric rise in popularity across the internet as a more popular way of users engaging with content; companies, individuals and brands are finding it increasingly hard to monetize their content and even securing relevant wide reaching distribution and views. You Tube is piloting You Tube TV to try and create award […]